The Affiliate Platform Migration Checklist That Will Save your Sanity

The Affiliate Platform Migration Checklist That Will Save your Sanity

Established affiliate program? Check.

Click-active and sale-active affiliates within your program? Check.

Affiliate program is managed in-house and/or in tandem with an affiliate program management agency? Double-check.

The technology platform that handles all the tracking, affiliate activity reporting, commission payments to affiliates, etc. is meeting all your needs and helping you grow and optimize your affiliate program. Errr…

In the affiliate model, technology platforms are what make it possible for companies to track and measure the performance of their program as well as properly pay their partners. However, the type of technology partner and the capabilities they offer may need to change as a merchant’s program evolves.

Increasingly, we’ve had clients and prospective clients inquire about our process for migrating a program from one technology platform to another.

The thing is, there is no one right way to do this. The actual process will vary greatly from one merchant to another and from one platform to another.

That said, there are critical questions that must be asked and answered as well as sequential steps that must be taken in order to ensure that an affiliate technology platform migration doesn’t lead to major disruption within a program – or a loss of key affiliate partners.

With all that in mind, we decided to develop the Affiliate Program Platform Migration Checklist.

This comprehensive platform migration checklist will ensure you:

  • give careful consideration to each phase within a migration
  • ask the right questions and
  • take multiple factors into consideration well before actually making a move.

What’s more, it’ll help save you a lot of time and expense, not to mention your sanity.

Download your free copy of our Affiliate Program Migration Checklist here.

Check out our Affiliate Program Management page to learn more about our approach to building, growing, refinding and expanding affiliate programs for industry-leading brands.


Lenox Powell is Associate Director, Global Content Strategy at Acceleration Partners.