AdWords PPC Tips for the Holidays

AdWords PPC Tips for the Holidays

4157858997_5fe0e336f2_oIt’s no secret December is one of the busiest months of the year for e-commerce businesses. From Black Friday on it’s a dead sprint to Christmas as shoppers try to find the perfect gift for everyone on their lists.

For businesses that advertise with Google paid search ads, there are a couple steps you can take to capitalize on the surge of interest during the holidays and pique searcher interest.

Check Your Budgets

Setting a budget for your AdWords campaigns can prevent you from unexpectedly spending too much. But when search volumes peak during the holidays, a budget that’s too tight might prevent you from reaching as many people as possible. Keep a close eye on your campaigns. if you start reaching your limit, consider spending a little more as long as the transactions are still profitable. Keep in mind, competition might increase in December, so you may have to spend more to maintain your normal position.

Tailor Ads to Gifting

In December pretty much everyone is looking for gifts. You can improve click-through rates by tailoring ad copy toward gifting. Messaging like “The Perfect Gift for Dad” or “Great Gifts for Pet Lovers” might do a better job of capturing people’s attention.

Promote Gift Categories in Site Link Ad Extensions

Many shoppers during the holidays still haven’t decided what to buy. Gift categories pages like Gifts for Men or Gifts for Mom can be successful at inspiring someone undecided to make a purchase. Promote these gift category pages in sitelink ad extensions to catch people’s attention and drive them to pages where they can make a purchase.

Take Advantage of Callout Ad Extensions

For many merchants, the busy holiday season is a time when they offer lots of promotions to incentive people to buy. If you’re offering free shipping or 10% off, use a callout ad extension to mention that and get people to click on your ad. You might also want to mention shipping cutoff times, so people can get their gifts in time for Christmas. If they see there’s only one day left to buy and get their gifts by December 25th, they’ll be more likely to click.

Incorporate Holiday-Related Keywords

People tend to search a little differently during the holidays than they normally do. They might be explicitly searching for keywords related to gifts, Christmas, winter, and discounts. Try incorporating some of these words into the keywords you bid on. It may even be worth creating a separate holiday campaign to bid on these keywords. They tend to be very competitive (and expensive), but in certain niches they might be a great opportunity.

These are only a few minor tweaks to your AdWords account, but they can have a big impact on your holiday season performance. At Acceleration Partners we’re always thinking of little ways we can help our clients make the most of their paid marketing campaigns. Contact us to find out how we can improve your AdWords efforts.

Photo via David Porter on Flickr.