Acceleration Partners’ Top 18 Blog Posts of 2018

Acceleration Partners’ Top 18 Blog Posts of 2018

We’ve had an exciting and fast-paced year here at Acceleration Partners (AP). Not only did we expand our services to the Asia-Pacific region, grow them in the EMEA region and welcome new clients, partners and team members, we also shared a LOT of valuable industry-related content from knowledgeable AP contributors.

In honor of such a milestone year, we thought we’d take a look back at our top 18 blog posts from 2018.

AP’s 2019 Holiday Calendar Infographic & Marketing Guide

This year, we created two content pieces to help you stay ahead of your 2019 retail calendar. Our 2019 Holiday Calendar Infographic is designed to be a reliable resource that you can print off, hang on your wall or keep with you at your desk. Our Online Marketer’s Guide to the 2019 Holidays includes numerous ideas for how to maximize your online marketing around every holiday.

Why Publishers Are Moving Towards an Affiliate Model

This year, Shopify began working with BuzzFeed to increase visibility of its merchants, marking BuzzFeed’s biggest step into affiliate marketing to date. Affiliate marketing has become a major staple for most online mass media companies. Publishers like BuzzFeed and merchants like Shopify are embracing affiliate marketing thanks to the mutual benefits of a performance partnership model.

The 6 Most Important Questions to Ask in Your Affiliate Agency RFP

Most request for proposals (RFPs) for affiliate program management include a laundry list of questions. If you are a fast-growing company or enterprise brand looking to hire an Affiliate Agency to manage your affiliate program, these six questions will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure that you’re selecting an Affiliate Agency partner who will truly deliver for you.

Resiliency, Relationships and Raising Standards at AP Summit 2018

This year, over 130 team members from around the globe came together for our 2018 annual AP Summit to gather, learn and establish new, meaningful relationships with our colleagues.

Robert Glazer Ranked #2 on Glassdoor’s Highest-Rated CEOs List

AP founder and CEO, Robert Glazer’s principled, purposeful and passionate leadership style is why he’s so admired and revered among present and past AP employees, industry leaders and fellow CEOs and entrepreneurs. Therefore, for many, it was no surprise when it was announced that he had been ranked #2 on Glassdoor’s Top CEO of Small and Medium Companies in the US list.

5 Questions to Ask Before Implementing an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

In this age of media buying, some big questions persist about the effectiveness of programmatic and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Consumers are bombarded with irrelevant ads that fail to connect. This is one of many reasons why affiliate marketing is such an important model for companies wanting to attract high-value customers and leads.

How Leading Companies Are Using Affiliate to Test Other Channels

Wish there was a way to test out marketing initiatives with less upfront risk?  Even better, what if there was a way to pay only for those actions you want? Many merchants use the affiliate model to do just that. The affiliate model can support many different marketing channels. In this blog, we’ve listed a few popular channels as well as testing opportunities to consider for your marketing initiatives.

6 Secrets for an Effective B2B Affiliate Marketing Program

For a B2B company to develop a strong and productive affiliate marketing program, they can’t rely on the same playbook as a retail brand. If you’re a B2B company looking to start an affiliate program, this post shares six secrets you need to know to get started on the right foot and set a strong foundation for cost-effective, high-value partnerships.

6 Ways to Take Your Affiliate Program Analysis to the Next Level

Every well-run affiliate marketing program is backed by strong key performance indicators (KPIs), including revenue, orders, clicks, leads, commissions, conversion rate and AOV. If you’re ready to amplify the analysis of your affiliate program data, here are six ways to do so.

Why Incrementality In Affiliate Marketing Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Incrementality is rapidly being implemented as a key performance metric across more and more affiliate marketing programs. For some, incrementality is implemented with search or display channels. However, that same methodology can’t be used when expanding it into an affiliate program. Learn the proper questions to ask in order to gain a deeper understanding of incrementality.

Publishers: Consider These 5 Things When Joining an Affiliate Marketing Program

As a publisher, it’s in your best interest to be aware of the subtle differences between one brand’s affiliate marketing program and another’s. Here are five characteristics you should be looking for in a well-run affiliate program as either a publisher or someone who oversees the channel at a high level.

Transitioning to Affiliate: 4 Things You’ll Learn as an Affiliate Newbie

Are you new to affiliate marketing? You’re probably wondering what to expect, how this kind of marketing differs from what you’re used to, and if you’re cut out for this line of work. Here is a snapshot of what you will learn as an affiliate newbie at Acceleration Partners.

Acceleration Partners Reaches 100 Global Employees (And Counting)!

This year, AP reached (and surpassed!) the 100-employee milestone. As a company, we strive to attract not only the brightest affiliate marketing minds in the world, but individuals who truly embrace AP’s core values and culture. Check out this blog to learn why this was such an important accomplishment for AP.

Forbes Names Acceleration Partners One of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms

We are incredibly honored to be named alongside so many remarkable companies in Forbes’ 2018 Best American Consulting Firms list. This honor is especially meaningful to us here at Acceleration Partners because we’ve taken a consultative approach to our client services since we started as a company back in 2007.

What the Future Holds for Affiliate Commissions

Commissions to affiliates are rapidly moving away from Last Touch attribution. So, what’s driving this shift away from that antiquated, winner-takes-all approach to compensation? Check out this blog post to find out.

6 Resources to Take Your Q4 Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

As an online marketer, you know all too well that there’s much to do and plan for to get ready for the holiday online shopping season. To help ease you into things, we’ve curated and compiled some of our most insightful infographics, guides, blogs and e-books that were developed to help you enhance your Q4 holiday marketing strategies.

Acceleration Partners Expands Global Performance-Driven Partner Marketing to Asia-Pacific

If you had told us just four years ago that we’d be the first independent agency to have a true global performance-driven marketing practice, we’d have looked at you as if you had an ice cream cone on your head. But you would have been right. This year we established our Singapore-based team, officially marking our service expansion to the Asia-Pacific.

Acceleration Partners Has Been Named to Glassdoor’s 2019 Employees’ Choice Awards!

When it comes to culture, there are few opinions that carry more weight within an organization than those of the employees that make up the company. That is why were more than ecstatic to discover that AP had been named to Glassdoor’s 2019 Employees’ Choice Awards honoring the Best Places to Work.

Learn more about Acceleration Partners and our award-winning culture on our Company page.