Acceleration Partners Makes Forbes 25 Small Giants List

Acceleration Partners

For the past three years, Forbes, in partnership with the Small Giants Community, has developed a list of America’s Best Small Companies.

While there are many lists that recognize businesses for their growth, Forbes’ Small Giants list celebrates and honors companies that value greatness over growth. It’s not that these companies aren’t growing; they are just opposed to growth for growths sake. They’ve chosen to be great instead of big.

And this year, Forbes named Acceleration Partners to their list!

We are beyond excited about this recognition, especially when considering the criteria that Forbes uses to select their 25 Small Giants for the year, which includes:

The company must be at least ten years old, profitable and privately owned, with majority control in the hands of inside shareholders.

Its leaders should be committed to building a great business, even if that means passing up some growth opportunities along the way.

The company should be the best, or one of the best, at whatever it does, and its customers should find it a joy to do business with.

Its culture should be designed to bring out the best in its people.

  • This is exactly what Acceleration Partners’ culture is all about. A core part of our vision is to change the work-life paradigm and create a company that supports people feeling fulfilled both inside and outside of work. This is a key reason why our global company of over 100 employees is a 100% remote work environment – everyone works remotely from home.
  • Our founder and CEO, Robert Glazer, is deeply passionate about helping individuals and organizations build their capacity to outperform (i.e. be and do better in business and in life). This is reflected in the themes he writes about in his Friday Forwards, subjects he discusses with guests on Acceleration Partners’ Outperform podcast, themes he writes about in his Forbes and Inc. columns and how he supports and encourages Acceleration Partners team members and to realize their life goals.

It should have a strong relationship with its community and be recognized for its contributions outside its industry.

It should be “human-scale”—that is, not so large that the people at the top no longer have direct contact with lower-level employees, and vice versa.

  • Transparency, communication and connectedness is essential for a healthy, happy company culture. Even more so when your company is 100% remote. In addition to weekly company-wide video calls, virtual town halls and “coffee with the CEO” meetings, Acceleration Partners’ leadership also puts a significant amount of time, resources, energy and effort into scheduling face-to-face meetings in each of our hub cities to ensure team members at every level of the company feel heard, valued and like a contributing part of AP’s success.

Small Giants are redefining what it means to create a great workplace. All the companies that made the list are being recognized for setting new standards for excellence in business, transparency, work-life integration, and fostering genuine relationships with clients and partners.

Our founder and CEO, Robert Glazer, had the honor of receiving this award in person as he presented on AP’s Mindful Transition program at the Small Giants Summit in Detroit, MI last week.

Acceleration Partners

The full list of Forbes’ 25 Small Giants of 2018 can be found at and in the May issue of Forbes.

You can learn more about Acceleration Partners and our award-winning culture on our Company page.