Acceleration Partners Launches Earnin’s Affiliate Program!

Acceleration Partners Launches Earnin’s Affiliate Program!

Formerly known as Activehours

We are excited to announce the launch of Earnin’s affiliate program!

Earnin, is making money work in a way that’s good for everyone. When partnering with Earnin you are helping to create a future based on what’s possible rather than the way it’s always been done. That’s why Earnin gives people gives people access to the money they’ve already earned whenever they want.

With the Earnin app, people can cash out the money they’ve earned from work. There are no interest or fees to use the service. Instead, people just tip what they think is fair.

It’s available for most people to use as long as they are receiving their paycheck by direct deposit into a checking account regularly, and either have a timecard or commute to work. Earnin does not require a relationship with the employer to be used in this manner. Anyone who meets the requirements can easily download the app in the app store and get started.

Acceleration Partners is welcoming qualified affiliates to join the Earnin’s affiliate program which offers competitive commissions on a service that allows people to have financial flexibility! Affiliates will have a designated account team committed to their overall success.

It’s true, the pay cycle was built for a time when everything was done manually.  Join Earnin today so you can help transform how money works. If you are interested in learning more about Earnin’s affiliate program or if you’d like to join, click here.