Acceleration Partners Hosts First Peer-to-Peer Engagement Summit

Acceleration Partners Hosts First Peer-to-Peer Engagement Summit

Acceleration Partners (AP) recently hosted the first annual AP Engage, an invite-only event exclusive to our clients, in New York City. The one-day event was designed to give our partners the opportunity to share best practices, discuss industry trends and build lasting relationships with their peers.

In advance of the event, attendees were asked to submit the biggest opportunity and challenge their business will likely face in 2020. This ensured we were making the most of everyone’s time and the results were used to design the agenda and overall topics for the event.

Ample time was reserved throughout the day for not only peer-to-peer networking but also mini-group roundtables where brands had the chance to workshop with each other and members of Acceleration Partners’ leadership team. Time in workshops was used to “IDS” (identify issues, discuss thoughts and ideas, solve and determine next steps). Each person was encouraged to share challenges they face on a daily basis with fellow affiliate stakeholders from various industries.

The panel sessions were led by a member of Acceleration Partners’ leadership team and included representatives across various business models and verticals. The topics included:


The Future of Partner Marketing: The industry evolution: the past, where it is today and how brands should be thinking about the future.


Capitalizing on Strategic Partnerships: How clients are using influencers, content, brand-to-brand opportunities and more to grow and diversify their affiliate programs.

  • Moderator: Alison Chew, Sr. Director, Performance Partnerships, Acceleration Partners
  • Panelists:
    • Moira Gregonis, Sr. Marketing Manager, QVC
    • Alli Hobbs, Sr. Marketing Manager, Purple Carrot


The Evolution of Incrementality in Affiliate: Defining incrementality by brand and leveraging data and testing with partners to measure ROI,

  • Moderator: Veronica Gauthier, Director of Key Accounts, Acceleration Partners
  • Panelists:
    • Denisse Hamard, Sr. Affiliate Manager, Hotwire
    • Josh Lapidus, Manager Paid Media Strategy and Performance Partnerships HD Home, The Home Depot
    • Bill Noel, Manager of Digital Media, Dick’s Sporting Goods


How to Use Net Present Value to Rethink Affiliate Economics: How clients can use data to determine the net present value and lifetime value of partners in their affiliate program

  • Matt Wool, President, Acceleration Partners


Navigating Organizational Politics: Recommended methods for improving internal communication and idea-sharing

  • Robert Glazer, Founder & CEO, Acceleration Partners
  • Liz Ramos, Partner, Cambridge Associates


Strategies for Advocating Internally for the Affiliate Channel: How to best communicate and collaborate with colleagues across various departments to reach both individual and shared goals

  • Moderator: Tyla Cobb, Director of Global Accounts, Acceleration Partners
  • Panelists:
    • Elaine Barsoom, VP, Marketing, Zeel
    • Lawrence Gross, Digital Marketing Manager, BlinkHealth
    • Brianna Hanan, Media Strategist, Squarespace


Throughout the day, an underlining theme emerged: despite representing brands of varying business models, verticals and size, attendees found commonalities in challenges and opportunities.

While attendees likely came away with specific ideas and action items for their business, the top 3 overall takeaways include:

  1. Leverage data and the tools available in your tracking platform (such as dynamic commissioning) to improve margins and make informed decisions about your partners.
  2. Share and publicize goals across departments within your company to identify commonalities so teams can work together to solve issues.
  3. What performs with one partner may not with another – even if they’re in the same vertical. Run multiple tests to measure ROI.


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