Acceleration Partners Announces Rebrand, Now “Part”

Acceleration Partners Announces Rebrand, Now “Part”


Acceleration Partners is excited to announce our long-overdue rebrand. Starting today, Acceleration Partners will now be known as Part.

Part and parcel to this rebrand was creating a compelling new logo, tagline and updated website:

The sum of the whole is greater than the parts.

You can find our new website at

“In the past few years, we’ve seen many industry associates and partners change their name, which has left us feeling a bit behind the times, so we decided to give our brand an overhaul as well,” said Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Part (formally known as Acceleration Partners). “Plus, we’ve found people have trouble spelling ‘Acceleration.’”

The name Part reflects our commitment to being a key piece of the performance marketing mix; participating in important forwarding-thinking marketing conversations and initiatives; and parting ways with any marketing that isn’t focused on impartial outcomes.

“The decision to rebrand came, in large part, from the realization that customers seem to be increasingly attracted to one-name businesses and people such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla – even Bono,” said Matt Wool, Part’s President. “At the end of the day, we are Part – of something big. And we’re pretty confident our new brand will wholeheartedly resonate with those in our industry.”

The best part of our rebrand has been the support of our team members and industry partners.

“Shortening our name has been a welcome change for everyone,” said Sarah Johnson Dayes, Part’s Chief Client Officer. “The affiliate industry is comprised of so many lengthy terms – Performance. Attribution. Incrementality. Transparency. E-Commerce. Part signifies our departure from such sesquipedalian complexity and arrival at simplified solutions.”

We all have a part to play in moving the performance industry forward and we know that, by coming together as a whole, we’ll make it happen.

We are excited for our new beginning and look forward to Part’s journey ahead.

Happy April Fools’ Day!