Acceleration Partners’ 2017 Year In Review

Acceleration Partners’ 2017 Year In Review

I think it’s safe to say, 2017 has been our company’s best year yet. It’s mind-boggling what the incredible team here at AP has accomplished this year. Here are a few notable highlights:


Figures showing Acceleration Partners' latest number of new team members, roles created, promotions, and positions filled.

CultureThe high Acceleration Partners work culture and CEO ratings on Glassdoor.

Affiliate Academy

Created the industry’s first ever Affiliate Academy and have graduated 5 thus far!

Acceleration Partners affiliate academy program with employees in training.

Global Expansion

We expanded our team and operations in London, Singapore, and Mexico City.

Map of cities Acceleration Partners expanded to in 2017.


Several different work culture awards won by Acceleration Partners in 2017.


We welcomed 38 new clients in 2017, many of whom are industry-leading brands, including:

Figure showing revenue and generated leads that Acceleration Partners achieved in 2017.


We grew/strengthened our relationship with leading industry partners, including:

Performance Partnerships

Performance Partnerships book written by Bob Glazer from Acceleration Partners.

Published Performance Partnerships, which quickly became a best-seller in the Global and Direct Marketing categories on Amazon.

Bob on Dr. Oz!

Bob Glazer from Acceleration Partners appearing on Dr. Oz.

Early in the year, Bob appeared on The Dr. Oz show to share his affiliate marketing expertise and why it’s crucial for companies to only work with credible partners.

Launched the Outperform Podcast!

Outperform image by Acceleration Partners.

2017 is the year Outperform was born. Since its debut in Jan. 2017, we’ve had many impressive guests on our podcast, including:

We look forward to bringing you even more great content and guests in 2018 so stay tuned!

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Another Epic AP Summit

Acceleration Partners employees doing team bonding activities at the 2017 AP Summit. Acceleration Partners employees volunteering during the 2017 AP Summit.

This year we celebrated Acceleration Partners’ 10th Anniversary by making dreams come true at our most epic AP Summit ever. It was an event those in attendance will reflect back on fondly for years to come.

Acceleration Partners bulletin of images depicting various employee dreams and goals.

2017 was a banner year for us and, while we are proud of all we’ve accomplished as a company and for our clients this year, we also embrace the notion that the clock resets to zero January 1.

To accomplish our personal and professional goals, we have many exciting things in store for 2018 and beyond – and we’ll be sure to share them with you as they unfold!

Learn more about our accomplishments and award-winning work culture on our Company page.

Acceleration Partners vision and mission statement.