A Look Back At AP Summit 2015

A Look Back At AP Summit 2015


Two weeks ago, Acceleration Partners gathered in Boston for our semi-annual AP Summit. Jam-packed with trainings, meetings, team building activities, and lots of fun, we joined together to set new goals and prepare for successes in the coming year.

Each day began with a workout circuit led by Acceleration Partners’ Founder and Managing Director, Robert Glazer, to help mentally and physically prepare us for the day ahead. Following our workouts were company-wide meetings, team breakout sessions and interactive trainings.

Continuous learning and personal and professional development is an important aspect of Acceleration Partners’ company culture. Trainers were brought in to share techniques on how to enhance listening and communication.

Through group exercises and interactive role playing, the team learned how to identify and adapt to different listening styles and ask questions to better understand our customer’s needs and solve their problems.  

Groups also participated in unique team-building activities to build trust, increase collaboration, improve communication and strengthen our core values.

From laser tag to mind-boggling puzzles, team members collaborated and motivated each other to identify problems and find solutions.

As our final day came to a close, Robert Glazer hosted a festive holiday party, giving us the opportunity to relax and celebrate as a company. Year-End Awards were given out to recognize employees for their achievements throughout the year and reflect on some of their biggest accomplishments.

For a glimpse into our insightful, team-focused, fun-filled AP Summit, check out some of the pictures below. To learn more about our company culture and team, visit our Company page.