Why I sent $500 to an Employee’s Mom

Why I sent $500 to an Employee’s Mom

I just wrote my first official Thank You note that included a $500 referral bonus– and it was to the mother of one of our newest hires!

You see, we really appreciate quality referrals, especially when it turns into us hiring the person because they are such a rock star. We call it our Refer-A-Friend program, but it really applies to anyone, including a parent, who refers someone to us that we end up hiring.

One of our newest hires had written her mom down in the “were you referred to AP by anyone?” section of our application. When I asked her about it, she told me a story that made me laugh out loud! It’s pretty unbelievable.

Here’s the letter I wrote to her mom, mentioning the story her daughter (our employee) shared:


Dear _______,

My name is Emily Tetto and I am the Director of Talent & Culture at Acceleration Partners. I wanted to thank you for encouraging your daughter, ___________, to apply for our Associate position here at Acceleration Partners. She told me how you first heard of Acceleration Partners after seeing Robert Glazer as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show and how you then encouraged her to check us out and apply for one of our open positions.

After such a short amount of time, __________ is already a valued member of the AP team and her clients enjoy working with her.  Thank you for your referral and if you know any other smart digital marketers please keep sending them our way!

We hope you enjoy your refer-a-friend reward.

Emily Tetto
Director, Talent & Culture
Acceleration Partners


That’s right. Her mom saw Bob Glazer, our Founder and Managing Director, on the Dr. Oz show, checked out our website and then encouraged her daughter to apply.
The moral of this story is you never know who might just be the next AP employee. It could be your friend, sibling, cousin, neighbor, or former colleague.

So… let’s say you happen to know someone who is:

  • Smart
  • Capable
  • Accountable
  • Experienced in affiliate marketing or digital marketing
  • Open/excited about working remotely from home
  • A genuinely good person
  • And excited about learning and developing themselves both personally and professionally


Then they just might be someone we’d like to hire. And if we do, then we’ll happily send YOU a $500 AMEX card as a thank you!


Who knows? You might just have a little extra spending money in time for the holidays.


To learn more about our open positions here at Acceleration Partners, check out our Careers page.