New Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report!

New Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report!

As a performance-driven agency, data is critical part of our program management process. But it’s not enough for us to just gather that data – we also want to tell the story behind the data so that our clients can improve their programs and their publisher partnerships.

For example, in our recent Q2 2016 to Q2 2017 data review, our data revealed that revenue over Father’s Day week increased 49.01% Y/Yin Q2 and that revenue growth for content publishers was up 123%.

To learn why, check out our Q2 2017 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report.

You’ll also get our perspectives on why:

  • Conversion rates and average new customer rate decreased Y/Y in Q2
  • Affiliate clicks increased Y/Y
  • Total affiliate channel revenue increases Y/Y
  • And more