Infographic: The Power of Performance Marketing

Infographic: The Power of Performance Marketing

PerformanceMarketingCropPerformance marketing is one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers in today’s digital world – and yet a surprisingly large number of businesses don’t know what it is.

For those late to the party, performance marketing involves a customer visiting content on the website of an affiliate, such as a deal, product review, discount, etc. The customer then follows a link on to that business’s website. Affiliate networks manage the affiliates and track sales so that businesses can pay a commission to the publishers that send sales to their site.

Performance marketing grew 57% between 2008 and 2012, for an average of 12% annually. Not to mention, the return on investment is pretty stellar: for every $1 spent on performance marketing, it brings in $11 of revenue.

And yet, an alarming number of enterprise brands don’t participate.

Surely some have good reasons – after all, every business’s customers are different and not every marketing channel is good for every business. But many are simply ignorant of the potential benefits performance marketing could provide their business.

Thankfully the marketing experts at CAKE, responsible for one of the leading performance marketing platforms out there, have created an infographic that offers a crash course in the power of performance marketing including how performance marketing works, the growing impact of performance marketing, whether some businesses are missing the boat, overcoming barriers and five reasons to move into performance marketing.

The busy business owner who’s got only thirty seconds to spare should skip to the bottom to see quickly if they should get into performance marketing.