One Kings Lane Cracks the ShareASale Top 5

OKL_logo_RGBSix months ago, Acceleration Partners launched the One Kings Lane affiliate program, looking to increase the company’s reach and revenues through strategies developed for long-term success. We are proud to announce that One Kings Lane (OKL) this month joined two of our other highly regarded programs, Tiny Prints and Blurb, in the top five of ShareASale’s Power Rank index. This is an unprecedented achievement for a new program that does not work with any coupon or incentive sites, and it speaks to the success possible for a high-quality, sustainable program that supports the brand. Many of our clients, including OKL, refuse to cut corners that can lead to unsustainable short-term growth or artificially inflated numbers, and it’s nice to see that long term approach rewarded.

So why are affiliates performing so well in the OKL program? It comes down to recruiting the right affiliates in the right places and ensuring that the program is not  bogged down by coupon and loyalty sites that can lead to lower-quality revenue and avoidable costs. By being selective with the affiliates OKL will work with, we are able to both develop better partnerships with our affiliates and ensure that the brand is being properly represented by them. This long tail approach to affiliate marketing is more difficult and time consuming. However, results like OKL’s prove that it works, and that it does not get sidetracked by predatory affiliates who are only looking out for their own interests.

We are thrilled that our programs have seen such admirable success, and we look forward to achieving these exceptional outcomes well into the future. To learn more our about affiliate marketing approach, check out our affiliate management page and see why our programs get the right results.

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