New Podcast Episode! How a Company Went From $25K to $30M in 2 Years

High-quality, humanely raised meat. Delivered to your door.

This is the business of ButcherBox, a start-up just over two years old.

In addition to having an ethically impressive, socially responsible business model, what also makes ButcherBox so impressive is that they went from $25,000 in Kickstarter funding to over $30 million in revenue in just over two years.

And they did it using a performance-based marketing model.

To learn more about how ButcherBox came to be and the company’s stratospheric growth, we chatted with co-founder Mike Filbey on our recent Outperform podcast episode.

Mike generously shares:

  • ButcherBox’s marketing structure and why they decided to set it up this way
  • The types of partners ButcherBox collaborates with for their marketing campaigns
  • How ButcherBox tracks and measures the success of their performance marketing campaigns
  • How ButcherBox finds and recruits their performance partners and ensures that they are brand-aligned
  • Challenges that they’ve faced finding performance-based partnerships
  • Advice on how establish and grow your business with performance partners.

Check out the episode here.

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