‘Tis The Season To Optimize For Holiday Traffic

‘Tis The Season To Optimize For Holiday Traffic

It is nearly the end of October, and for most people, this means it’s Halloween time. However, for online retailers, this means something much more important: the holiday shopping rush is upon us. Whether shoppers are purchasing gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Festivus or any other holiday, they flock more and more to the Internet to do their shopping. According to an infographic from Get Elastic, consumers spent over $35 billion online during the holiday season last year, a number that is sure to grow with the rise of mobile and tablet shopping. The infographic also points out that 81% of consumers look to shop online on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) due to the stigma of better deals on this day. Customers find out about these deals mostly through email marketing, as well as from direct site visits and referrals. How can you ensure your site makes the most of this holiday shopping season?

Develop Holiday Landing Pages. Now.

For many customers, it’s never too early to start holiday shopping, especially with the Internet making it so easy to buy gifts at all hours of the day. Create a general holiday landing page and targeted landing pages for core customer groups, such as girl’s gifts, gifts for Dad and Hanukkah gifts. Base your landing pages on what your potential buyers would search for, and they will draw in more relevant traffic and result in higher conversions.

Make It Easy To Find Your Holiday Pages

During the holiday season, customers will want to get in, find what they need, and get out. Adjust your site navigation so your new landing pages are easy to find. Better yet, add attractive homepage images that describe your holiday deals, inviting your customers to click and see what you’re offering. By making your consumer experience easier, you’re helping your own sales in a big way.

Email Your Customers

As mentioned above, most customers discover deals at their favorite sites because the retailer emails them, letting them know about the newest deal. Although many critics believe email marketing is dead, it continues to drive engagement and returns for ecommerce sites that use it.Send a blast to your mailing list notifying them of your holiday specials. Promote your best deals and holiday-specific items, or your goods that are sure to be hot sellers this year. This proven method will send traffic to your site and create sales for you.

Promote With PPC

Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a smart way to get customers to specific pages any time of the year, and the holiday season is no different. Build advertising campaigns around the items you want to push this year. Develop campaigns related to whatever you sell, whether that’s Christmas lights, Hanukkah decorations or the best gifts for men under 30. A strong PPC campaign will show excellent returns on the investment you make with your advertising dollars.

Let Them Know Why You’re Better

This may be the most important tip, as virtually every site on the web will offer special promotions during the holidays. Make sure your message includes exactly what sets you apart, whether it’s free shipping, 20% off any order over $100, or a free gift when you purchase certain items. Even if you always offer something, like one-day shipping, promote it; hearing your deal will resonate with customers, persuading them to choose your site over a competitor. Provide a timetable for receiving products based on what they order; they’ll appreciate it during their stressful shopping. Once the consumer realizes your site provides them with the best deal, they’ll be happy to purchase from you.

Many e-commerce businesses do the majority of their sales in the last three months of the year, solely thanks to the holiday shopping rush. Don’t miss out on all these potential sales; optimize your site and customer experience the right way, and your holiday revenue will boom.