Customer Retention is No Laughing Matter

Customer Retention is No Laughing Matter


GA-Real-Life-VideoCrop“Come back soon,” calls the sales clerk cheerily in this video from Google Analytics at the end of a disastrous supermarket checkout attempt.

“I won’t,” is the muffled off-screen reply from Nick4eva, the disgruntled would-be customer, as he walks out the door, no doubt on his way to spend his 98 pence at a rival store.

His exit functions as a nice punchline to a funny video, but it’s also the scary reality for many businesses, especially websites. After all, a competitor’s site is only a click of the back button away, no walk around the block or drive to the other side of town required.

It’s every business owner’s mission to make sure this doesn’t happen – but on a website this can be especially difficult.

Ordering stuff from the internet has become such a thing of second nature, and is so convenient, that it’s easy to overlook all of the junk that often accompanies it – the very same hurdles to which poor Nick4eva was subjected when he innocently attempted to buy his loaf of bread.

Many of these inconveniences are necessary for legal, security, or other reasons, but if they cause the customer enough hassle, he could very well give up on his purchase and leave the site altogether.

That’s where Google Analytics comes in. The information it provides can detect previously hidden problems and improve the usability of a site’s checkout process, which should be as simple and hassle-free as possible. Amazon, the most successful e-commerce site out there, makes it almost too easy to make a purchase. Once you’ve registered an account, the checkout process involves little more than pressing a button.

The beauty of analytics is that it sheds light on problems that could very easily go undiscovered. The reason the scenario presented in the video never actually occurs in real life is because the store’s manager would instantly see the problem and fix it.

Analytics acts as the eyes of the online business owner. It shows exactly where in the sales process customers are dropping off and leaving the site so that those pages can be improved and the site’s overall conversion rate improved.

Lots of website owners forget that getting visitors to the website is only half the battle. Visitors don’t just magically turn into conversions. The information Google Analytics provides can make sure the path from landing page to checkout is as smooth as possible – and that Nick4eva doesn’t leave his loaf of bread sitting on the counter.