Acceleration Partners Expands Global Performance-Driven Partner Marketing to Asia-Pacific

If you had told us just four years ago that we’d be the first independent agency to have a true global performance-driven marketing practice, we’d have looked at you as if you had an ice cream cone on your head.

But you would have been right.

Here we are, less than four years later, and we’ve not only planted our proverbial flag in the UK/EMEA region and begun supporting clients in Brazil and Latin American, we recently established a regional headquarters in Singapore to service our growing list of clients expanding into Asia-Pacific (APAC) and bringing our fully transparent performance marketing model to the region.

Janice Tan-David, who will be serving as General Manager in the region, has extensive experience developing effective performance-driven marketing strategies and implementing solutions that intersect content, data, distribution and technology makes her an ideal Managing Director for AP to help us complete the puzzle of having teams on the ground in the U.S., Latin America, the EU and Asia.

After launching and expanding performance-driven programs for several clients in diverse verticals, including online marketplaces, travel and tourism, consumer lifestyle, retail/e-commerce and financial services, it became clear that establishing an on-the-ground team with strong, highly-experienced leadership would allow us to add the most value to our existing and future clients.

“Navigating the nuances of how business is conducted in different countries and stakeholder diversity are the primary challenges for most companies expanding globally. For example, in many parts of the APAC region, which generally encompasses 38 different countries, languages, compliance regulations, states of development and consumer personas, a successful expansion requires a shift in mindset, resources and strategic priorities,” said Tan-David.

Although the concept of applying the Performance Partnerships® framework to all affiliate relationships is still relatively new in APAC – and even misunderstood in many areas – the performance-based marketing model is not. Strong, innovative and savvy publishers exist all around the region. Where untapped opportunity lies is in the gap between what these publishers are already doing and the partnership potential of driving fully transparent, fraud-free results though shared revenue models.

As David Zhao, an experienced global digital, performance and partner marketing strategist explains, “APAC is still in the very early stages of affiliate marketing. There is still a lot of work to do in the region to mature the concept of the Cost Per Action (CPA) model, develop the publisher base and scale-up performance marketing.”

APAC is a new frontier for Performance Partnerships. The potential is incredibly vast, which makes it possible for skilled on-the-ground program management teams to leverage new strategies, especially in the areas of online-to-offline/offline-to-online partnerships in a mobile-first omnichannel environment.

What will Acceleration Partners be offering to clients in the APAC region?

Consultancy Capabilities

  • Program Creative and Set-up
  • Program Audits and Process Analysis
  • Program Migration and Launch
  • Partner / Affiliate Recruitment and Outreach
  • Publisher Development
  • Large Partner Integrations
  • Education and Training
  • Platform-Agnostic Technology Recommendations

Full-Service Program Management

  • Performance Partnerships® Program Management
  • Program Strategy and Opportunity Development
  • Outreach, Recruitment and Business Development
  • Program Marketing Communication
  • Digital Strategy
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Centralized, Global, Regional or Local Reporting

“We are thrilled to be officially launching Acceleration Partners in APAC and to have found an incredible leader in Janice,” said Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners.

“We’ve learned an unbelievable amount since helping clients expand into the region just a few years ago. Growing a team in APAC is an important part of our “Global Strategy, Local Context” approach to global performance marketing. We look forward to creating and managing powerful partner programs that promote our clients’ brand and help them acquire new customers in the region and beyond. It’s really an exciting time for our company and our ability to strategically support the global growth path of our clients,” said Robert Glazer.

Learn more about our APAC expansion in our initial press release.

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