3-Point Checklist for Working with Content Affiliates

3-Point Checklist for Working with Content Affiliates


If you want an affiliate program that’s full of active and engaged content affiliates, the process is pretty simple: Support your content affiliates and they will support you.

While there are an unlimited number of brands that affiliates can work with, there’s a limited amount of time that affiliates have to actually promote them – not to mention limited space on their site.

To compel high-quality content affiliates to choose your brand and promote it with gusto, you need to properly support them, compensate them fairly and make them feel valued.

Here are 3 things content affiliates say they want and expect from brands:

1. Fair and competitive compensation. Creating high-value, brand-aligned unique content that isn’t overly promotional takes time – a lot of time, actually. Quality content affiliates expect to be compensated fairly and adequately for their time as well as their reach. After all, it’s taken them years to build up their following.

For content affiliates, compensation means paying them a commission on sales or leads that come from their site, a flat fee, or a combination of both. Set commission structures to reward affiliates based on the type of promotion, their relevance to your brand, and their potential reach. 

When determining an overall compensation package for content affiliates consider offering them the following:

  • Join Incentives. When an affiliate joins your program, it’s a good idea to offer them a special discount to your site or one-time offer so that they can become more familiar with your brand (and hopefully write a review about it!).
  • Contests/giveaways. A great way to activate and engage content affiliates is to partner with them to host fun contests and giveaways (which is a win-win for both them and their readers).
  • Reviews. Reach out to select content affiliates with collaboration ideas, a fair and competitive compensation proposal, and clear expectations for success. Reviews drive brand awareness and top of funnel traffic which can result in new customers and incremental sales to your site. Plus, affiliates love the VIP treatment.

If you’re unsure of how to fairly compensate your content affiliates, reach out to your affiliate manager, consult with an affiliate OPM (outsourced program management) agency, and/or conduct research on what the industry standard is.

2. Unique content. Provide your content affiliates with unique and exclusive content that will be interesting to their readers and not found anywhere else. This can include information on a new product or collaboration, detailed product info, a sneak-peak on an upcoming launch, or blog content written either directly from the brand or provided exclusively for them.

3. Exclusive promotions. This includes offers and promotions that only they (the content affiliate) have the ability to share with their readers. These are offers that cannot be found elsewhere on your site, social media pages, etc. and include unique affiliate-only discounts and private sales.

In order to have a successful affiliate program with active content affiliates, brands must support their program internally and value their relationships with affiliates. Without support from the brand, a content-focused affiliate program will simply not be as effective or rewarding.

To learn more tips and strategies for working effectively with content affiliates, download our Quick Guide to Working with Content Partners in Affiliate Marketing.