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zulily Back to School Events 7/24

Back to School Events:

Tuesday, July 22nd

Kids go wild for Wildkin products. Bright colors and cool patterns make their backpacks, sleeping bags and accessories a hit with little ones at school and slumber parties. Plus grown-ups flip for the Colorado brand's dedication to safety and quality. Now don't you want to take a walk on the Wildkin side?

Specializing in uniform needs, Premium Imports Inc. brings your family the finest in buttoned down attire. From vibrant polos to crisp pairs of trouser, their quality crafted and durable designs keep comfort in mind while remaining true to the spirit of uniform. Their wardrobe's worth of sunny separates will have kids off a running in classic style.

Enter the exciting world of Dusty Crophopper where high-flying adventures await! The sleek and shiny pieces in this collection are sure to get any Planes enthusiast’s motor running and imagination ignited. From cozy ensembles and interactive books to nifty gadgets and toys, we have everything you need to give your little spark plug a piece of the aviating action!

From A to Z to awesome! Set your little one up to love language arts class with these engaging book series. You’ll find colorful illustrations and pages full of interactive fun.

Learning should be fun, especially when it comes to a challenging subject like math. Get those curious minds ticking with color-by-number and dot-to-dot workbooks that introduce counting. Exciting toys, puzzles and magnetic sets make developing math skills as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Discovery comes naturally for little ones. Give them the tools to explore their world, from cells to skies. These telescopes, chemistry sets and more will nurture a love of discovery for years to come.

Michelangelo, Frida, da Vinci—every artist had to start somewhere. Nurture this talent with these easels, paint sets and tools that let them compose masterpieces. Craft kits are perfect for students to design one-of-a-kind creations.

Strings! Woodwinds! Percussion! These starter instruments are great for bona fide band kids and garage rockers both. Get your little one going on the path to Carnegie Hall or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, July 23rd

This carefully curated collection of mealtime must-haves will make it easier to munch on the run with all of the colorful and convenient options within! These pieces stand at the crossroads of fashion and functionality, making them perfect for eating anytime and anywhere. Plus, the personalization helps prevent mix-ups and inspires pride.

There's no couple more timeless, magical or marvelous than everyone's favorite mouse match. It's Mickey and Minnie, of course! Our collection is filled with the lovely pair, from apparel to kitchen décor and more. Whether you prefer the feel of the classic couple or their magnificent modern selves, there's something for everyone to show their love for this darling duo! Thursday, July 24th

The Knot Genie was created not only to make brushing the most unruly hair effortless, but also to create peace in households around the world at bath time. Its unique bristles magically undo knots and tangles as well as make combating bedhead a winning battle and post-tub hair brushing a relaxing event for everyone. Peace and familial harmony come free with each Knot Genie.
Friday, July 25th

Your little love is crazy about lacrosse, they sleep with a crosse at their side and dream about the meter fan. Before the next draw, give them a way to share their love of the game with the world. We have collected the boldest lacrosse-loving tees, ties bracelets and more to proclaim their true passion on or off the field.
Saturday, July 26th

Sunday, July 27th

This Disney Princess collection is the perfect place to find items fit for the rambunctious royalty in your life, with everything from books that take little imaginations on big journeys to whimsical toys, magical accessories and décor to transform bitty bedrooms. Featuring favorite characters from the films, this bevy of beautiful princesses puts the pretty in palace life.

Monday, July 28th

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