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Mabel's Labels Offers 4 New Products!

We're thrilled to introduce four new products from Mabel's Labels!

New Write Away Labels
Mabel's Labels introduces its first ever self laminating write-on labels that are ready right away. These labels are perfect for lunch containers, toys, baby bottles, school supplies and more.

New Preschool Shoe Labels
Preschool Shoe labels identify footwear and help small kids tell their left feet from their right. Pre-readers can simply match the halves of familiar shapes, making learning and dressing fun!

New Book & Media Labels
Book & Media labels ensure books, DVDs, video games, and other electonic gadgets are returned.

New Tween Labels
Tween Labels feature a first name from the choice of boy or girl designs. They're perfect for lunch and camp gear, water bottles, school supplies, journals, electronics, sports equipment and much more.

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