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Tiny Prints School Fundraiser Initiative Now Live

Tiny Prints is excited to announce that it has opened its Affiliate/Storefront program to schools and PTA’s to use as a fundraising tool during the 2011 holiday season and beyond. Many parents will be planning to order holiday cards from Tiny Prints already and by becoming an affiliate and creating a storefront, schools and PTA’s can receive 13% of all Tiny Prints purchases simply by pointing visitors to their co-branded Storefront page to begin their shopping.

Many fundraising events require large time commitments and multi-day staffing by parents and volunteers. With the Tiny Prints program, if each parent spent just 30 minutes helping to spread the word around their school and 10% of families order, we estimate that each school/PTA will earn $2,000 in commissions.


--It’s free to set up an affiliate/storefront account and takes less than 10 minutes
--Earn 13% on all sales for up to six months after the first visit on any product, including our popular photo holiday cards
--Use our back of card credit feature in the Storefront to note that the order supports your school or PTA
--The only work needed after set up is getting the word out by sending people to your school’s storefront page!
--A $500 one-time bonus for any non-profit organization that reaches $10,000 in sales by December 31st, 2011

Getting Started is Easy

--Visit the Tiny Prints affiliate page to join (a valid individual or organization tax id will be needed)
--Once you are approved as an affiliate, apply to begin creating your Storefront
--Customize your Storefront, promote the url, and earn money for your school!

If you have any questions, the Tiny Prints affiliate team is happy to help and can be reached at All payments are made via direct deposit or check through our third party administrator, ShareASale.

For an example Storefront, please visit