Stella & Dot $5 Blog Post Bonus

Earn a $5 blog post bonus for posting about the your’s favorite holiday gifts under $50 or $30! Also, purchase gifts for your friends from Stella & Dot and earn a gift for yourself with dot dollars! Hurry, because the Dot Dollars promotion ends on 12/15. Your blog post must be submitted between 12/10-12/15 and include at least 5 sentences and 1 image.


Here are the full requirements:

  1. Write and submit your Stella & Dot blog post on your homepage by 12/15/2015
  2. Include your affiliate links and double check them by clicking on the banner, text links and images in your article to make sure they’re active.
  3. Go to with your link to the blog and your ShareASale user id (a 6 digit code next to your name at the top of your ShareASale account) then click submit.
  4. We’ll credit your affiliate account by the end of the month after reviewing your link. It’s that easy!