Identity Guard Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Their Affiliate Program

Identity Guard has joined Acceleration Partners’ brand family and we are so excited to share with you their affiliate program!

Identity Guard with Watson is the most powerful, comprehensive identity protection tool on the market. Their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities continuously scour billions of data points to discover vulnerabilities and alert you when your identity may be at risk. Think of it as a “radar” that is always protecting your identity.

In order to fit the needs of their customers, Identity Guard offers plans for both individuals and families at value, total, and premier levels. Check out their full plan breakout by navigating to the link below:

Acceleration Partners is encouraging qualified affiliates to join Identity Guard’s affiliate program. Identity Guard offers bimonthly newsletters, bonus and sales opportunities, new creative and text links, and a dedicated account management team. Affiliates can earn up to $85 per enrollment driven for the Identity Guard with Watson 30-Day Free Trial.

If you are interested in learning more about Identity Guard’s affiliate program, or if you would like to join, click here:



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