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You don’t start building a house by hiring a carpenter—you hire an architect. A marketing strategist is the architect for your website. It’s his or her job to figure out your needs and wants, translate those into workable plans and provide the proper oversight. Without this planning, what you get may not fit your needs or your budget.

Many business owners and marketing managers unfortunately skip this critical step. They build a website without a clear mutual understanding of scope or priorities (think a house framed for a ranch when you wanted a colonial or framed out for 4,000 square feet when you wanted a 2,000 square foot home).  Or they will start a major website project without understanding the work being done or the tactics being employed. This often results in deliverables that are not properly tied to business objectives (think kitchen on the second floor) and as a result the business owner and the vendor may have very different definitions of success or completion. The result very often leads to expensive mistakes and mutual dissatisfaction, which could have been prevented with better planning

Acceleration Partners provides high-level strategy and project management, bridging the gap between the business and the technical and design implementation teams. Our focus on online marketing begins with understanding your core business and customers. We ask a lot of questions, and we use the information we gather to educate business owners about the options, tools and strategies available, as well as the basic principles of organic search, website design, navigation, optimization, usability, and conversion. We then review best practices in conjunction with our specific recommendations with management in order to develop a website or application that is carefully crafted to maximize both inbound traffic and conversion to sales.

Our process is unique in that it is both transparent and collaborative; we seek to educate and incorporate management in the decision-making process to produce a better result. We also help recruit and provide critical oversight and project management for interdisciplinary teams to ensure proper execution.

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Bob is one of the most talented affiliate marketers I know. His team knows the space extremely well, the players in the game and their games. They always think outside of the traditional box in coming up with ways to drive increased revenue while servicing the customer, affiliate and also driving profitability for the client. They are very straightforward and tell it like it is, which works well for a results-driven, fast-paced environment. Bob has built a machine out of Acceleration Partners, but not so much a machine that the human element is not there. It is a good balance of execution and process and strategic ideas blended to create a strong force of fantastic results! I’d work with Acceleration Partners on any project.


Katelyn Watson, Sr. Director, Online Acquisition


Bob is passionate about online marketing and a real expert in affiliate marketing and SEO. He has tremendous work ethics, gets great results, and always watches out for his clients’ best interests. He is also fun to work with! He has grown the Tiny Prints affiliate business into the top affiliate program in the country, generating a significant and meaningful revenue stream for the company. During this time, I have also seen Bob expand his team and build an agency with robust processes and great client service. I have been so pleased with the work that Bob has done that in my first week as CMO of Stella & Dot, I hired Bob/Acceleration Partners again!


Anna Fieler, Chief Marketing Officer

Stella and Dot

Every web start-up could benefit from working with Robert Glazer and Acceleration Partners. He and his team follow a GSD (Get Stuff Done) policy and that’s exactly what they do. We consider them an effective “CMO in a Box” – from SEO to SEM to affiliate marketing and general marketing strategy. Bobby has been an enormous help and business partner and he’s also someone you can grab a beer with.


Matt Goldstein, VP Sales

Custom Made

Bob encompasses the rare combination of an extremely analytical mind with common sense and strong personal values that make him a results driven and fair business person. As a result, he is able to uncover and drive win win situations.


Ed Han, Founder & CEO

Tiny Prints