Systems & Process Definition

Services Provided

  • + Process & Role Definition
  • + Systems Design & "Playbooks"
  • + Founder Delegation Training

There comes a time in the lifecycle of all businesses when the founders can’t make the business better by doing more themselves and being involved in every decision; trying to do so actually hampers the company’s growth. This is also around the stage when simply having talented and loyal employees doesn’t cut it anymore.

What’s needed is the creation of systems and processes that breakdown and document core functions of the business, defining how top performers achieve their results, and then turning them into repeatable systems that can be taught and delegated to others. Many entrepreneurs at first don’t believe that they can teach others to do things as well as they can do them, but they are often surprised that their actions contain very distinct steps that can be defined, documented, and delegated. However it often takes an outside perspective to achieve this critical goal to move your business to the next level.

Acceleration Partners can help you create “playbooks” and systems for your growing company that make the core functions of your business efficient and sustainable. This also creates an operational competitive advantage for the organization, increasing the enterprise value of the company while reducing the risk of the departure of key personnel and the dependency on the founders in the case of a sale.