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Acceleration Partners provides high-level strategy and project management for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects, closing the often substantial disconnect between the business, technical, design and implementation teams. We have direct and tangible experience with SEO projects and can provide examples where we have used SEO on behalf of clients to generate sales and new clients, often where SEO is the primary marketing channel.

We employ a unique process that seeks first to determine baseline performance and objectives for new or existing websites. We then work with management to develop goals and ensure that the strategy is overseen through technical implementation.

Our unique process is both transparent and collaborative consisting of the following five steps:

  1. Audit: We need to know what’s worked, what’s failed, and what hasn’t been tried.
  2. Understand the Business: We can’t help you optimize your business, if we don’t understand it.
  3. Research & Review: We review keyword volume, competitor tactics and organize this information with recommendations to review with management.
  4. Develop Strategy & Implementation Map: This is where we help develop the overall plan and the very specific implementation steps.
  5. Manage Implementation: We oversee both design and development teams to ensure proper execution.

Most importantly, we over communicate, educate, and incorporate management in the decision-making process to produce the best possible result. We believe that an informed client produces the best outcome as a search strategy is only as good as the business strategy behind it. We don’t believe companies should work with individuals or firms who claim to be “experts” and promise an improved search presence without any direct involvement from the team or without understanding their tactics. SEO is not a mystery, nor does it need to be secretive. It’s a lot of hard work with careful execution and performance that can and should be measured.

Read our post 15 Million Reasons Why B2B Search Optimization Pays Off, for a firsthand example of our work.

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Robert and his team at Acceleration Partners have added great value to our programs and efforts. The science of selling goods online is ever-changing. It has been very valuable to have a group of people dedicated to keeping up with the shifting ground. They are truly curious and know that results speak for themselves. If they can’t deliver intelligent recommendations and proven results, they can’t be successful. They are clearly dedicated to educating themselves and providing results for their clients.


Tricia Mumby, Owner

Mabel's Labels

I was quite skeptical about the costs and benefits of implementing a full SEO strategy for our website redesign, as we had only received one website-generated lead in the last 10 years. But it turned out that the Acceleration Partners process of architecting the site (and including SEO) before committing to a design was actually less expensive than going with a full-service web design studio!

Astoundingly (to me), the results were immediate. Not only was Fox the #1 listed search item for our major search terms, but we were in the top 5 for most of them… Within the first two weeks, we had 3 leads come through the website from clients we never had even considered as clients!…The Acceleration Partners-driven redesign effort provided Fox such an obvious, immediate and gigantic return on investment, the actual ROI doesn’t even need to be calculated!


Peter Stein, President

Fox Corp

Bob is passionate about online marketing and a real expert in affiliate marketing and SEO. He has tremendous work ethics, gets great results, and always watches out for his clients’ best interests. He is also fun to work with! He has grown the Tiny Prints affiliate business into the top affiliate program in the country, generating a significant and meaningful revenue stream for the company. During this time, I have also seen Bob expand his team and build an agency with robust processes and great client service. I have been so pleased with the work that Bob has done that in my first week as CMO of Stella & Dot, I hired Bob/Acceleration Partners again!


Anna Fieler, Chief Marketing Officer

Stella and Dot

I first met Robert as a referral from a client. My only regret was not hiring him sooner. He and his team have brought value to our organization from day one. His knowledge, attitude, and team were just what we needed to take our business to the next level. He and his team have been a tremendous partner to our company. I have no doubt we will be working together for a long time


Mark Sarpa, Founder


We engaged Robert Glazer and Acceleration Partners to create and implement a plan to completely re-engineer our existing web presence. The AP team took command of the project from the word go, provided all of the resources and were able to expertly manage the challenge of incorporating our ideas and comments with their strategy and experience. They listened to our feedback and let us make the final decisions, but provided us with the necessary guidance and input to keep us on the path towards a successful project. I would recommend Robert and Acceleration Partners without hesitation.


Ryan McDonnell, Broker/Co-Owner

Hawthorn Real Estate

We launched our website on our own in October 2010 and felt like we had thrown a party but forgotten to send out the invitations. Based on a recommendation from one of Acceleration Partners’ clients, we reached out to Robert and were swiftly put on the right track. Bob, Meghan, Lindsay and the AP team make it seem “easy” (we know it’s not!) and we have seen incredible growth in our e-commerce business. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to the online expansions we have planned with them.


Ann Marie Mendlow, Founder & CEO

Lot 26 Studio

I’m so grateful that I was introduced to Bob, Lindsay and the team at Acceleration Partners. They came to us highly recommended from one of their clients. We were long overdue in re-vamping our entire website – a daunting task, but Bob and his team from the beginning of the project broke the process down to manageable stages and offered up great advise in regards what our priorities should be. The team is lightening fast to respond and extremely organized. We are thrilled with our result and our customer feedback thus far has been positive. This immediately was reflected in a sales increase first month after the re-launch and a significant jump in search data results. We are excited to move forward to the next phase with Bob and the team!


Helena Stanton, Founder & President

Rocket Tour

Bob and his team did a great job supplementing the marketing department Lotuff & Clegg. They were hired to help with Search Engine Optimization, but added more value by looking at the whole picture and recommending changes to the go-to-market plan to take online sales to the next level. I would not hesitate to bring in Acceleration Partners for my next client engagement.


Christopher Chaput, Director of Operations

Lotuff Leather


Initially we approached Acceleration Partners for affiliate marketing services which has been very well-managed under Bob’s watchful eye. From there we began to rely on his knowledge bank for SEO services, site architecture strategy and implementation of other ROI based projects. Bob proposes brilliant ideas and more importantly, he executes them. He’s about efficiency, simplicity and efficacy. Ultimately his expertise and management style has lent us the time we need to manage other aspects of our business. Bob and his responsive team exceed our expectations on many levels and keep the fresh ideas coming.

Layla Grayce & Zinc Door

Wendy Estes, Founder

Layla Grayce & Zinc Door

Bob encompasses the rare combination of an extremely analytical mind with common sense and strong personal values that make him a results driven and fair business person. As a result, he is able to uncover and drive win win situations.

Tiny Prints

Ed Han, Founder & CEO

Tiny Prints

I hired Acceleration Partners to oversee the strategy and SEO efforts for our new website. They worked seamlessly with a team of designers and our new website is so much more functional from an SEO, usability and customer experience standpoint than we could have imagined. Acceleration Partners is top-notch. They have over-delivered on every step of the process with many moving pieces, is great to work with, and always has the bottom line and best interest of the company at the core of his recommendations. They treat my company like their own, and really step up whenever needed. Hiring Acceleration Partners was the best money I have spent, and they will remain a go-to and integral part of our online business moving forward.

Waxing Poetic

Patti Pagliei, CEO & Founder

Waxing Poetic

Every web start-up could benefit from working with Robert Glazer and Acceleration Partners. He and his team follow a GSD (Get Stuff Done) policy and that’s exactly what they do. We consider them an effective “CMO in a Box” – from SEO to SEM to affiliate marketing and general marketing strategy. Bobby has been an enormous help and business partner and he’s also someone you can grab a beer with.

Custom Made

Matt Goldstein, VP Sales

Custom Made