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“When we gave these bracelets to our friends and family, we were sharing our Pura Vida journey with them.” – Griffin Thall

In this Outperform podcast episode, we chat with Griffin Thall, CEO and Co-Founder of Pura Vida Bracelets, as a part of our Profile of a Growth Marketer (PGM) series.

Griffin and his long-time friend, Paul Goodman, founded Pura Vida Bracelets in 2010. Since then, they’ve grown it into a million-dollar business venture and provide fill-time jobs to over 150 people in Costa Rica and around the world. They’ve been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30: Retail” list, been featured in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, have an Instagram page with almost a million followers and have a thriving affiliate program. What’s more is that they’ve donated more than $1,210,409.72 to date and are spreading the “pura vida” spirit daily.

Listen in as Griffin delves into Pura Vida’s world, shares his and Paul’s incredible journey over the years and gives us a sneak peek as to what’s ahead for this inspiring company.

If you can’t see the embedded player above, you can listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher.

Show Notes

  • How Pura Vida started with a casual encounter on a beach in Costa Rica
  • What happened when Griffin and Paul brought 400 bracelets from bracelet artisans, Jorge and Joaquin and placed them in a bowl at a local boutique
  • What they’re doing to build such a strong online presence
  • When and why Pura Vida started leveraging the affiliate model
  • The kinds of affiliates Pura Vida partners with
  • How their Acceleration Partners team has helped Pura Vida grow and optimize their affiliate program
  • Other forms of online marketing that Pura Vida is doing and finding success in
  • Offline marketing strategies that Pura Vida employs
  • New products that Griffin is most excited about right now

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