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Acceleration Partners is a Google Adwords Certified Partner and provides clients with strategy, planning and project management for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and campaigns.  While most companies get hooked on the thrill of traffic volume, which PPC can provide, we understand the importance of measuring how PPC converts to sales rather than raw traffic to the site. In order to manage a successful campaign, we work to understand exactly what a click is worth based on the channel it comes from, therefore allowing our clients to adjust their allocation and spending accordingly.

Our unique process is transparent and collaborative, allowing our clients to take advantage of opportunities based on actual performance, rather than perceived value. We make it clear that the statistics that matter are not impressions or visits, they’re cost per acquisition and return on ad spend. We prioritize close communication with our clients and provide thorough reporting to monitor progress throughout a campaign’s life cycle.. For some clients we help clean up and audit their PPC campaigns, whereas for others we fully manage the program by doing all of their tracking, account set-up or account revising, ad writing, ad testing, keyword creation, and management of temporary, seasonal or year round campaigns.

AdWords Certified PartnerAt Acceleration Partners, we do not view PPC as “marketing in a box”.  We focus on finding profitable niches and integrating proper measurement systems. Our philosophy is to better combine PPC initiatives with other channels such as Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing, allowing us to capitalize on cross linking and other similar techniques. The issue that many people find with PPC is that it is usually totally detached from their other marketing efforts, however we work hard to integrate and incorporate it into an overall customer acquisition strategy that can be best optimized from multiple channels.

Read our post, Google Beer Googles: Why Pay for Premium PPC?, for a more in depth analysis on the Acceleration Partners PPC philosophy.

Click this link to read about Working with Third-Parties on Google AdWords.

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Robert and his team at Acceleration Partners have added great value to our programs and efforts. The science of selling goods online is ever-changing. It has been very valuable to have a group of people dedicated to keeping up with the shifting ground. They are truly curious and know that results speak for themselves. If they can’t deliver intelligent recommendations and proven results, they can’t be successful. They are clearly dedicated to educating themselves and providing results for their clients.


Tricia Mumby, Owner

Mabel's Labels

We launched our website on our own in October 2010 and felt like we had thrown a party but forgotten to send out the invitations. Based on a recommendation from one of Acceleration Partners’ clients, we reached out to Robert and were swiftly put on the right track. Bob, Meghan, Lindsay and the AP team make it seem “easy” (we know it’s not!) and we have seen incredible growth in our e-commerce business. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to the online expansions we have planned with them.


Ann Marie Mendlow, Founder & CEO

Lot 26 Studio

Bob and his team did a great job supplementing the marketing department Lotuff & Clegg. They were hired to help with Search Engine Optimization, but added more value by looking at the whole picture and recommending changes to the go-to-market plan to take online sales to the next level. I would not hesitate to bring in Acceleration Partners for my next client engagement.


Christopher Chaput, Director of Operations

Lotuff Leather

Every web start-up could benefit from working with Robert Glazer and Acceleration Partners. He and his team follow a GSD (Get Stuff Done) policy and that’s exactly what they do. We consider them an effective “CMO in a Box” – from SEO to SEM to affiliate marketing and general marketing strategy. Bobby has been an enormous help and business partner and he’s also someone you can grab a beer with.


Matt Goldstein, VP Sales

Custom Made