While most companies get hooked on the thrill of traffic volume, we measure success on the ROI of a paid marketing program rather than raw traffic.

At Acceleration Partners, we do not view paid marketing as just an easy, quick way to drive traffic to a site.  We focus on finding profitable niches and integrating proper measurement systems. While most agency-led PPC is often totally detached from a company’s other marketing efforts, we work hard to integrate and incorporate PPC into an overall customer acquisition strategy. We spend wisely, typically testing various paid marketing approaches at low spend levels to determine what works, then scaling efforts for true impact.

Our philosophy is to combine paid marketing initiatives with other channels such as Organic Search and Affiliate Marketing, ensuring that every paid marketing program is aligned with both brand goals and a greater marketing strategy.

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Our Clients Say

From PPC and SEO to email programs and offline marketing programs, Acceleration Partners has provided EXCELLENT GUIDANCE on web site improvements that drive a higher conversion rate. They’re TRULY A VALUE-DRIVEN COMPANY focused on driving sales and conversions for their customers.

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