SEO Case Study


The Opportunity

A boutique online retailer of home furnishings, decor and gifts sold products that are also offered direct to consumers through their wholesalers’ own websites. This presented a major SEO problem, as the retailer has to compete in the search engine results with most of the brands they sell as well as major e-commerce players such as Amazon. Acceleration Partners was brought in to figure out how a company with limited resources can compete in this difficult organic search environment.


Strategy & Approach

Following a comprehensive audit and research phase, Acceleration Partners developed an entirely new SEO strategy for the retailer.

  • Attacked each brand and product category independently so they could compete on Google with wholesaler sites.
  • Strategically allocated keywords and content to pages in order to optimize their performance for specific searches, and manually wrote page titles, meta descriptions and on-page content for more than 5,000 pages.
  • Completed a site URL migration that involved redirecting hundreds of thousands of links over the course of four months.
  • Created a strategy for a sister site which had a different niche but overlapping product categories. Targeted unique keywords and modifiers – “transitional,” “cottage,” “shabby chic,” and “traditional” for the primary site and “modern” and “contemporary” for the sister company.


The retailer and its sister company’s strategy has been extremely successful. Organic traffic, keywords and revenue all have grown robustly during the three-and a-half years of their partnership with Acceleration Partners.

Results include:

  • Total traffic grew 68% the first year and has increased by 219% overall.
  • Revenue from organic search traffic grew 74% the first year and has grown 212% overall.
  • Organic search traffic grew 77% the first year and has grown 195% overall.
  • The number of organic keywords the retailer ranks for in Google  increased 248%