Site Migration & SEO Case Study


The Opportunity

Our client, a leading online supplier of fly fishing gear, migrated to a new CMS and experienced a large drop in search traffic. Organic visits fell 36% and the number of keywords ranking in Google fell from 625 to 265. During the crucial holiday period, organic visits were down 40% compared to the previous year. The client reached out to Acceleration Partners for help recovering their traffic.


Strategy & Approach

After performing a technical SEO audit, we crafted a redirect plan that made sure none of the old site’s authority got lost as a result of the migration. We also made sure the new site was properly optimized. Here are some of the things we did:

  • Overhauled the site’s URL structure so it was more user-friendly and optimized for search engines, including shorter, flatter URLs, descriptive, keyword-rich URL paths, and the removal of unnecessary strings.
  • Recommended a number of technical SEO improvements to the current website.
  • Discovered large amounts of duplicate content from the old site and redirected this to the new pages as well.
  • Created a new set of redirect rules that properly redirected the old site’s URLs to the new site without causing negative changes to page load times.
  • Wrote new optimized titles and meta descriptions for category pages and other top organic landing pages.
  • Recommended optimized page title templates for all individual product pages.


The site experienced an almost immediate recovery, before our engagement was even over.

  • The number of keywords ranking in Google increased 277%, from 236 to 653.
  • Organic search traffic was up 18% in March compared to January.
  • Organic search traffic was up 71% in March compared to November, the month of
    the migration.
  • The number of organic landing pages grew from 1,406 in January to 2,461 in March.
  • Organic transactions were up 82% in March compared to November.
  • Organic revenue was up 66.5% in March compared to November.