The Opportunity

A popular online and in-home trunk show company selling boutique-style jewelry and accessories turned to Acceleration Partners to develop a search strategy to attract new customers and sales reps.


Strategy & Approach

The retailer had a beautiful, robust site and growing traffic resulting from their skyrocketing brand awareness. Building on that momentum, they wanted to increase traffic from potential new customers who didn’t yet know about the company. They turned to Acceleration Partners to help develop and implement a search engine strategy to attract new customers and sales reps. Here are some of the issues and opportunities we helped them address:

  • Countries were not always tagged appropriately and as a result, they were competing with themselves for search in different geographies.
  • Stylists’ personal pages were indexed by search engines so customers found them when searching for products; leading to inadvertent commission payouts.
  • There were hundreds of thousands of dead links from the old websites and no 301 redirect strategy in place.
  • While better known than their competitors, the competition often outranked them in search for targeted non-branded terms.


Acceleration Partners created a detailed plan to address the SEO and information architecture issues with the retailer’s site. Some of the things we did:

  • Focused on the technical issues including indexing limitations and CMS restrictions and put together plans to resolve or work around them.
  • Optimized category and product pages; created and optimized landing pages targeting new Stylists; included meta titles, meta descriptions and content guidelines.
  • Created a comprehensive 301 redirect strategy.
  • Found exciting keyword opportunities for their target audiences such as “trendy jewelry,” “contemporary jewelry,” “how to become a stylist” and “host a jewelry party.”