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Overnight Success Is a Myth: Here Are 4 Ways to Persist

February 16, 2017 Success Magazine

When people see what looks like sudden success from the outside, they don’t often think about the vision and persistence required to get there. Instead, they might attribute that success to luck or timing. These misguided assumptions have prevailed in the age of the startup. Take Pinterest: The... READ MORE >

Distinguishing Correlation From Causation in Marketing

February 07, 2017 Chief Marketer

Causation and correlation may sound alike but are very different. The former means the root of subsequent events, while the latter refers to an actual or apparent relationship between trends in which neither is the direct cause of the other. READ MORE >

The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2017

January 13, 2017

In a recent survey, nearly 90 percent of advertisers said affiliate programs were important to their overall marketing strategies. Publishers also claimed that affiliate partnerships drive more than 20 percent of their annual revenue. Forty percent of U.S. retailers said their leading customer... READ MORE >

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2017

January 04, 2017 SteamFeed

Affiliate marketing is one of the four biggest sources of e-commerce orders in the U.S. today — beating both display ads and social. In fact, affiliate marketing now drives as many e-commerce orders in the U.S. as email, with both channels currently accounting for 16 percent of all U.S.... READ MORE >


3 Changes Your Company Should Make to Performance Management in 2017

December 30, 2016 Entrepreneur

This may be the happiest season of the year, but for many managers and employees, things aren’t all that merry and bright. Many are stressing about whether they've put in enough face time with the boss or clocked enough hours at the office. Why the trepidation? Because they’re about to have... READ MORE >

3 Ways Every Employee Can Work to Improve Corporate Culture

December 21, 2016 TriplePundit

It’s a fact of life: Staying happy and engaged at work over the long haul can be a big challenge. While a large part of your job satisfaction depends on the people and environment, you can do some things to improve your own outlook and strengthen your workplace culture. READ MORE >

Stop The Bleeding: How To Keep Sunk Costs From Sinking Your Business

December 14, 2016 Forbes

Offering below-market base salaries while paying out aggressive, above-market 20% quarterly bonuses based on personal and professional goals makes sense for a performance-based company, right? We certainly thought so, and we invested a lot of time in selling this method of compensation internally... READ MORE >

Why Culture by Default Is Hard to Change

December 07, 2016

Culture exists in every company, either by default or by design. In many cases, founders inadvertently allow norms and behaviors that worked at the startup level to continue for too long. As the company grows, these behaviors often stop working and need to be rooted out of the culture before they... READ MORE >

How to Lead (Versus Manage) to Improve Your Team’s Success

November 30, 2016 Huffington Post

One of the best descriptions I’ve heard of leaders is that they focus on vision and strategy, guiding and removing obstacles for their teams, similar to a coach in sports. By contrast, managers typically focus more on execution, working in the business. Real leadership is about providing a... READ MORE >

How to Weave Grit Into Your Company’s Culture

November 22, 2016 SmartBreif

According to New York Times bestselling author Angela Duckworth, parenting begins and ends with grit. In her book “Grit,” she describes it as a combination of passion and perseverance. On Duckworth’s “grit spectrum,” parenting styles can fall anywhere along a continuum, from supportive to... READ MORE >

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