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Migrating a site to a new platform or implementing a major redesign can create challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. Nothing is worse than coming out of an expensive, time-consuming site redesign and realizing you’ve officially wrecked your website’s SEO. Many site owners are unaware in advance of what the impact will be, failing to take into account potential traffic losses or even revenue losses.

Our Capabilities

  • Detailed technical migration audit
  • A strategic plan to meet branding and performance goals
  • Implementation of an effective 301-redirect plan
  • SEO writing and creation of meta tags optimized for search
  • UX refinements for conversion optimization

Our Approach

We consider the objectives and different moving parts of your site migration and deliver on a strategy that can prevent loss of search engine ranking and organic search traffic. You get a new look and feel, learn what elements are important for SEO, and improve important business metrics.

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