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Social media is the most popular online activity, with 74% of US adults using social networking sites. People are spending more time on social media than anywhere else online making it a highly effective channel for brands seeking to find and acquire new customers. With multiple social networks and a variety of ad types and formats, the challenge for brands is how to unlock the full potential of social media advertising.

Our Capabilities

  • A detailed plan and roadmap for acquiring high-value customers
  • Ability to develop and identify effective creative executions
  • Highly structured approach to testing and scaling the best performing ad imagery, headline and targeting
  • Identification of high-value audiences through Custom Audiences, Lookalikes and extensive audience testing
  • An analysis of the most profitable audiences to provide the best possible ROI
  • Knowledge of advanced ad platforms and technologies to maximize efficiencies
  • Strategies to expand and engage your mobile app’s user base to drive ROI for your business.

Our Approach

We work with clients to identify high-value customers while lowering costs on today’s most popular social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other platforms. We take a very structured approach, identifying niche opportunities to quickly identify sweet spots and deliver the best ROI. We increase profits for our clients by keeping costs down and ensuring they don’t spend more than they need to.

Case Study

Acceleration Partners created a high-volume, multi-channel campaign for email acquisition via Facebook, Google paid search, Google display, and Twitter. We exceeded target subscriber numbers by 36% and at a cost per acquired email that was 26% below budget.

Representative Clients

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