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Paid Search (PPC) marketing is constantly evolving. Rising costs, new technologies, and the rise of cross-channel marketing has made it increasingly complex and competitive. Our focus on the brand, combined with the right mix of strategy and tactics, has enabled us to consistently improve our clients’ performance.

Our Capabilities

  • Strategic account builds based on a single or multi-step sales funnel objective
  • Intent-focused research for keyword generation, ad messaging, landing pages, and bid optimization
  • Leverage mobile and geographic bid-modifiers
  • Ad extension strategies to capture full reach of ad real estate
  • A/B testing to determine the best possible ad combinations
  • Integration with other marketing channels and programs
  • Restructure and scaling of existing campaigns
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Our Approach

Paid search can be costly and you need to constantly optimize and update your campaigns to succeed. Rather than viewing paid marketing as a just a quick, easy way to drive traffic to a site, we focus on finding profitable niches and integrating proper measurement systems. We work hard to integrate PPC into other marketing channels and ensure that it is consistent and aligned with the brand.

Representative Clients

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