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While the concept of influencer marketing appeals to many brands, the reality is they are finding it rife with issues, including massive fees, lack of quantifiable results, inauthentic promotions and noncompliance to FTC’s disclosure rules and regulations.

To help brands connect with genuine and transparent influencers in a more cost-effective way, Acceleration Partners facilitates performance-driven marketing initiatives with micro-influencers – influencers with smaller, better-aligned, and more engaged target audiences.

Through our micro-influencer marketing model, brands are able to benefit from the advantages offered by both influencer marketing and affiliate marketing: positive brand awareness, trackable conversions, and payment on a performance plus basis.

Our Capabilities

Campaign Creation

Based on your campaign goals, we prepare a campaign brief for your review that includes multiple campaign ideas and recommendations.

Influencer Recruitment

We review each influencer’s site, social following, reach, engagement and content focus before creating a recommended list of influencers most aligned with your brand.

Campaign Management

We provide your selected influencers with relevant product/brand information, promotions and tracking links on an ongoing basis to ensure that terms and deadlines are met.


Our account team delivers a performance report following your campaign with links to all posts, metrics, and a high-level summary which includes key learnings and recommendations for future campaigns

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