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Affiliate programs can be an extremely valuable part of a performance marketing portfolio representing 5-15 percent of online sales, but they are also very complex and can easily turn from a revenue generator to a cost center if not managed carefully. We have been at the forefront of affiliate marketing, moving the industry to the next generation that places a premium on incremental revenue and brand supportive behavior.

Our Capabilities

  • Affiliate outsourced program management (OPM)
  • Affiliate program strategy and launches
  • Affiliate program relaunches and network consolidation
  • Global affiliate program management and strategy
…One of the few companies in the affiliate industry that UNDERSTANDS THE TRUE DYNAMICS OF AFFILIATE MARKETING.
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Our Approach

An industry leader in attribution, affiliate engagement, and new affiliate recruitment, Acceleration Partners’ approach combines sophisticated strategy with high-quality account management to drive success for more prominent retailers than any other firm in the industry. Our experienced managers provide the high level of customization and innovative thinking required to drive growth effectively while ensuring your brand is supported and protected.

Case Study

After a leading men's fashion retailer decided to close down its affiliate program due to poor results, we relaunched it and achieved a 46:1 ROAS within one year.

Representative Clients

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