Kaz (Division of Helen of Troy) Affiliate Program

  • Kaz, a division of Helen of Troy, is the licensee and manufacturer of portable home comfort and healthcare devices under three global brand names: Honeywell, Vicks, and
    Braun, as well as a number of proprietary brands.  Product offerings
    include air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, insect control products,
    heaters, blood pressure monitors, hot/cold therapy products, and

    Program Details:

    • Share a Sale Merchant ID: 24217
    • Starting Commission: 8%
    • Cookie Length: 90 Days
    • Best Sellers: Humidifiers, Replacement Filters, Air Purifiers, Insect Control Products, and Thermometers
    • Key Dates/Holidays: Winter and Spring
    • Affiliate Network:

  • Account Managers

    Emily Ray

    Senior Associate, Affiliate Marketing


    Meghan Schwartz Joseph

    Vice President, Performance Marketing


    Quy Le

    Affiliate Outreach


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