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January 2009 Newsletter

No doubt 2009 is going to be a challenging year for many small and growth-stage businesses. In such a climate, it is essential for business owners and managers to make the most of limited resources and focus on achieving positive cash flow—which means aggressively controlling costs as well as adding new sources of revenue. In this changing environment, we have seen an increased focus on performance-based marketing; businesses are becoming more comfortable paying for leads on a contingency basis as well as marketing third party offers to their current users on a revenue-share or commission basis.

Our cleints are also increasingly aware of the importance of search engine optimization as a cost effective way to find new customers. Today’s consumer is less responsive to unsolicited marketing, relying instead on their own online searches, using key terms to find products and services that match their needs. New business is often awarded to the companies that rise to the top of search rankings and whose websites make a positive first impression. Many of our clients are working to increase their exposure online by making their content easier to find for key search terms and by becoming comfortable with their website as a sales tool rather than simply a brochure.

Latest Articles

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Get to Revenue – Fast
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Recent Client News

Free GreenFreeGreen has tallied more than 14,000 home plan downloads since its launch in April 2008, becoming one of the top home plan vendors.

Creative Contact has launched its new service, which helps creative professionals gain exposure for their work, seek jobs and connect with other artists in a collaborative work environment.

What We Do

Business Plans
Performance Marketing
Growth Strategy
New Revenue

Operational Support

Service Area Focus

SEO Strategy: We work with clients to identify a strategy and tactical plan for improving search engine rankings
and help to coordinate implementation with various vendors to make the process easier and more transparent.

Helpful Resources

Deciding on an new Entity?
LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp? Trying to decide your best choice of an entity for your new business? This very simple Comparison Chart from Lexpertise is one of the easiest that we have found to follow.


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